Gilliam & Associates believe...

• All people are to be valued and treated with dignity and respect.

• Confidentiality for our clients is paramount. All client conversations are confidential (as permissible by law).

• Honoring and respecting agency and the decisions of our clients, whether organizations or individuals, is essential.

• The most generative way to assist our clients is to help them identify, claim and leverage their talents and strengths and manage around weaknesses.

• The answers or next steps the business/organization are seeking are already within their midst. Thus, G&A's role is not to provide the answers but to walk with our clients as together, we discover them. 

• Culture and mission (while valuing individuals) are part of G&A's focus when working with organizations. In the words of Peter Drucker, "Culture eats strategy for breakfast." 

•  Each organization has its own unique, nuanced culture, so G&A develops the work with the client according to their specific needs and desired outcomes. There are no cookie-cutter approaches. One size never fits all.

• Change begins with individuals.

• In conflict situations and anxious contexts, self-regulation, staying calm and non-anxious, being fully present, and listening for the next step in the conversation are important ways of being for G&A and all involved.

• People can influence or invite change in another(s) to the level that they/we are willing and open to be influenced or changed by other(s). (mutuality/reciprocity of relationships)

• Most challenging situations are about more than one issue; they are about multiple factors interacting. Complexity is its description. Helping identify these multiple contributing factors is key.

• A person's PRESENCE influences a context/situation as much as their behavior. "In other words, the world around me is only as open as is the world within me".

• We will continue to encourage ourselves and our clients to be learners, have a Growth Mindset, and stay curious, hopeful, compassionate, and open to Surprise! 

Our goal is to help our clients succeed!


This list is never final, but is an ongoing, evolving conversation within, between, and among G&A and our clients.