Strengths-based Leadership & Coaching

 G&A offers:

Strengths oriented coaching for leaders, managers, teams, individuals and pastors to raise performance and increase productivity.

(coaching packages available)

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Engagement for Employees, Staff, & Volunteers

G&A offers:

Increased engagement through coaching, training, and organizational mapping for improved outcomes.

Group Facilitation & Facilitator Education

G&A offers:

Group facilitation and training for visioning, strategic plan development, and difficult conversations to positively impact the culture of your organization.

Conflict Transformation

G&A offers:

1) Training experiences for organizations on conflict transformation and dealing with difficult people;

2) Systems intervention by walking with organizations and congregations through anxiety and conflict.

3) Mediation for individuals and groups.


G&A’s work in a variety of contexts and groups providing the best environment for your needs.


Our Focal Path

From a focus on weakness to strengths,
From a position of "stuckness" to adaptation,
From a stance of unengaged to deep engagement,
From anxiety to clarity,
From problem to innovation and opportunity,
From reactivity and unhealthy conflict to response and generatively,
From confusion to options,
From resistance to self-regulation,
To raise performance, increase productivity, and improve quality of life for individuals, teams, organizations, and communities.