Team training on group facilitation or G&A can actually lead the group facilitation.

Areas of facilitation include:
Difficult conversations; leading effective, efficient meetings, and how to facilitate effective strengths-based feedback, reviews, evaluation, and coaching.


As leadership, individuals, organizations, and religious communities evolve, deepen, adapt, and grow, Gilliam & Associates can help you:

  • identify, claim, and aim your strengths;

  • stop having the conversations that are keeping the organization, community, congregation, or individual stuck;

  • move toward new horizons;

  • let go of what’s not working;

  • discern the invitation to move forward and deeper;

  • engage the beautiful questions that help imagine the past, present, and future differently;

  • have difficult/courageous conversations in an I-Thou way (a way that honors the dignity of self and other) that cultivates deeper, more creative relationships and lasting, generative impact/influence;

  • bring your hidden art and artistry to your work and life.

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