W. Craig Gilliam

Founder & Owner

Achiever | Learner | Adaptability | Maximizer | Relator


Dr. W. Craig Gilliam has worked as a coach, educator, trainer, organizational consultant, and facilitator for 20+ years. His areas include: leadership development, coaching teams and managers on engagement and performance; conflict transformation, and facilitation for individuals, businesses and religious congregations of various faith traditions (For-Profit and Not-for Profit; corporate and religious).

Craig has been on staff for The McFarland Institute, a training and service counseling/therapy center in New Orleans, LA; JustPeace Center for Mediation and Conflict Transformation in Washington, D.C.; The Center for Pastoral/Leadership Excellence in the Louisiana Conference, UMC; adjunct instructor at SMU, and a senior conflict transformation/resolution specialist for Arbinger Institute. He is founder and owner of Gilliam & Associates LLC and is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and also works with organizations on increasing workplace/community engagement.

Some of his clients include institutions of higher education, government agencies, healthcare systems, work teams, as well as pastors, congregations, conferences and religious leaders of various faith traditions across the United States.

“Our goal at Gilliam & Associates LLC is to help individuals and organizations live into who they are at their best.

This challenge intensifies in those contexts where anxiety is high, the narratives of conflict thicken, reactivity has escalated, and hurt and cut-off abound. How do we see and treat others and self with dignity and respect even when we disagree? In our workplaces, how do we create a strengths-oriented, engaged cultures that heighten performance and productivity?

Craig's dissertation was on the effects of anxiety and conflict in organizational life. Craig’s passions are family (a beautiful wife of 34+ years and two adult sons of whom they are very proud), exercise, poetry, and martial arts. He is a 4th degree black belt in traditional Japanese Karate. His home is in Shreveport, Louisiana.

He has published in numerous periodicals and journals over the years on leadership, conflict, and systems/organizations. He co-authored A Time for Change: Revisioning Your Call (The Alban Institute, 2000); authored Where Angels Dare to Dance: Anxiety and Conflict in Congregational Life (Published by JustPeace, 2007/2013 reprint) and Where Wild Things Grow (Vervante, 2015), a book of poetry that “invites us to grapple with the relationship between and among people and things.” Currently, he is working on another book of poetry.

To live fully is our call.

On this grand adventure,

our mere being here

says that we are invited...

(The Invitation by w. craig gilliam)


Betty Johnson


Intellection | Connectedness  | Learner  | Input  | Empathy

“Working with Gilliam and Associates allows me to utilize my strengths and experience to assist organizations and individuals in living more fully into their potential.”

With over thirty years’ experience and training in leadership and management, focused primarily in the healthcare arena, Betty Johnson provides insight and depth when working with G&A clients. Her work experiences include process analysis and management, conflict resolution/transformation and mentoring, and employee engagement. As a former Chief Operations Officer, she understands the dynamics of human interaction in the work place and the complex process of moving forward through change, conflict, and resource limitations. 

Her strengths include identification and nurturing of individual talent and skill, empowerment of individuals within a community or work group, allowing for ownership, and effective problem solving.

Work experience with non-profits equips Betty with a deeper understanding of social issues and the unique challenges of engaging volunteers. She is a trained facilitator and has worked with both corporate and religious organizations/congregations.

Her areas of greatest demand include: mentoring and staff development and engagement; organizational assessment and strategic planning/visioning; facilitating courageous conversations; grant writing and reporting; and walking with congregations/organizations through conflict and organizational restructuring. 


Asa Harrison


Intellection | Developer | Learner | Achiever | Arranger

"I’m blessed to be able to work with Gilliam & Associates. I believe in the work they do and I love doing my part to help others experience all that G&A has to offer."