Betty Johnson


Intellection | Connectedness  | Learner  | Input  | Empathy


Betty Johnson has thirty years experience and training in leadership and management, focused primarily in the healthcare arena. Her work experiences include process analysis and management, conflict resolution/transformation and mentoring.  As a former Chief Operations Officer, she understands the dynamics of human interaction in the work place and the complex process of moving forward through change, conflict, and resource limitations.  With a Masters of Health Science degree from Louisiana State University Medical Center -  New Orleans, Betty has studied, and applied, management and systems theory.  Her strengths lie in identification and nurturing of individual talent and skill, empowerment of individuals within a community or work group allowing for ownership and effective problem solving.

Betty is the Executive Director of the St. Luke’s Episcopal Mobile Medical Ministry and serves as an adjunct faculty member of LSU School of Allied Health with instructional areas of Management Theory and Healthcare Law and Ethics. Her work with non-profits also equips her with a deeper understanding of social issues and the unique challenges of working with volunteers. She is a trained facilitator and has worked with both corporate and religious organizations/congregations.

Her areas of greatest demand include: Spiritual direction; mentoring and staff development; organizational assessment and strategic planning/visioning; facilitating courageous conversations; grant writing and reporting, and walking with congregations/organizations through conflict, crisis, and empowerment.


Asa Harrison

Communication Strategist

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"I’m blessed to be able to work with Gilliam & Associates. I believe in the work they do and I love doing my part to help others experience all that G&A has to offer."