G&A believes that an important question for all of us is, how do we bring our art and artistry (whatever that is for you) to our work? Our art and artistry invites a different mindset from simply the strategic. It invites the right hemisphere of the brain to work alongside the left. As important as the strategic mind is in our personal and professional lives, without the creative, artistic mind, we miss out on some of our greatest strengths and most generative resources. With our art and artistry comes an increase in engagement and investment. In Gallup strengths language, poetry is the way I explore and express my ideation and intellection. What is your art? What is your artistry, and what does it look like to bring it to your work?


Books to connect poetry and business:


Where one ends,

the other begins.

Extremes are easy. It’s

the middle that’s the puzzle. Midsummer

the middle way,

shades of gray,

no absolutes,

only choices.