Gilliam & Associates, LLC, is committed to helping individuals, organizations (Non-profit and For-Profit), teams, communities, congregations of various faith traditions, and individuals live into their strengths and become engaged, creative communities/organizations/individuals where authentic leadership is cultivated, people are honored and respected, community engagement is fostered and courageous, creative horizons* are embraced for lasting influence and impact.

What is your relationship to the horizon?
Horizons too abstract exhaust;
concrete, tangible, close to the heart, 
the horizon gives life
from the vast edge
beyond itself
("Horizons", w. craig gilliam)

Now is the perfect time to look to the future, your relationship to the horizon, while also honoring your past and present.

As leadership, individuals, organizations and religious communities evolve, deepen, adapt and grow, Gilliam & Associates can help you:

  • identify, claim and aim your strengths;
  • stop having the conversations that are keeping the organization, community, congregation or individual stuck;
  • move toward new horizons;
  • let go of what’s not working;
  • discern the invitation to move forward and deeper;
  • engage the beautiful questions that help imagine the past, present and future differently;
  • have courageous conversations in an I-Thou way (a way that honors the dignity of self and other) that cultivates deeper, more creative relationships and lasting, generative impact/influence; 
  • bring your hidden art and artistry to your work and life.