Horizons hold their own
unspoken promises
— David Whyte, "Glentrasna"

What is our relationship to the horizon? 
The sky pink, orange and blue, older because the day is over.
No wind, only oak-shaped shadows cast on green grass, 
sandy beaches and empty parking lots.

Back to the horizon - ball of fire settling for the evening, for rest as the soft
light of the waning moon begins her rise. 

Between us and the distant horizon, 
silhouettes of people walking the wave-struck beach. 
Against such a beckoning backdrop
even those who have been larger than life to use
become small. 

Horizons too abstract exhaust;
Concrete, tangible, close to the heart, 
the horizon gives life
from the vast edge
beyond itself.

Our gaze keeps drifting toward the horizon, 
inner and outer, 
the unstable line gently
ascending and descending, 
like a human voice in a lullaby,
inviting us to take the next step.


* Photo by Blake Gilliam near Carmel, California, 2015.