Taking Us Where We Need To Go

Stepping stones
guiding the path
across the unsettled waters
toward the mysterious future unfolding,

prepared for me as I walk
prepared by me
in my walking,

the pale ground beneath my feet,
the next step,
the unknown before and within me;

the wales and wiles of the interior and exterior interacting,
each step
trusting the ground will hold,
the path made and in the making
will take me where
I need to go.

(poem by w. craig gilliam, 2015; revised 2017; Photograph taken and copyrighted by Susan Ruach. See susanruachphotography.com.)

**Questions on which to Reflect**

1. What have been "stepping stones guiding my path" in your life?

2. One line is "trusting the ground will hold." What is the ground for you? Is it holding?

3. What does the line mean, "prepared for me as I walk/prepared by me/in my walking"? How do you practice such a way of being?

4. What is "the next step,/the unknown before and within me" for you?